NJASCS Welcomes You

Welcome to NJASCS’s Jobs website. NJASCS, one of the largest charter school networks in NJ, is committed to hire individuals who are best qualified for the job. NJASCS is an equal opportunity employer and does not discriminate against any employee or applicant on the basis of age, color, disability, gender, national origin, race, religion, sexual orientation, veteran status, or any classification protected by federal, state, or local law. NJASCS gives special consideration to those education professionals who live or have experience teaching in the communities in which it serves.

Exceptional Working Environment

NJASCS schools have a positive culture and climate that promotes unity, communication, and respect.  All members of the school are valued, and given a voice to express their opinions. Creating a school with a positive culture and climate makes our schools a welcoming space for all.

NJASCS class sizes are small enough so that each student receives personally attention.  Students are able to get to know each other and develop strong relationships with each other and the teacher. Class sizes allow students to participate and be active members of their learning.

NJASCS students experience learning in the 21st Century through technology integration. Every classroom has a SMART Board to support lessons, students are taught current technology, and all students are given a school email address.  Lessons infused with technological components, help students stay current in the ever changing world.

NJASCS students are encouraged to work together, and learn from each other. Additionally, teachers form learning communities, by departments or grades, to meet and share ideas. Through Common Planning Time, teachers meet weekly to develop rigorous, cross-curricular lessons for students.

Hiring Process

NJASCS’s HR department is responsible for advertising available jobs and soliciting applications from qualified candidates. NJASCS puts applicants through a thorough and fair evaluation process in order to find the most qualified educators possible:

1. NJASCS invites candidates to begin by filling out an online application. Although applications are being accepted throughout the year the month of April is usually the time that we aim to begin with the hiring process
2. NJASCS’s HR department screens all applicants and makes recommendations to the hiring committee from the candidate pool.
3. NJASCS’s HR department calls candidates and arranges for a first interview. The first interview consists of conversation and question/answer exchange. General provisions of all contracts and benefits will be provided to the candidates during the first interview session. We make sure that the hiring committee uses an interview score sheet for each candidate and follow a preset question format to ensure a standardized and fair process.
4. Qualified candidates are being scheduled for a second interview. This interview consists of a teaching demonstration. The hiring committee arranges for a classroom to be used, prepared and available for the demonstration.
5. After the demonstration the hiring committee recommends qualified candidates to the board.

Before you apply:

1. Make sure that you visit www.njascs.org and learn more about our programs and activities.
2. Pay attention to all available posted positions and make your selections based on your qualifications and certifications.
3. Please note that during online application process candidates are not allowed to make a selection of campus that they want to work. You can provide your preference during interview time.
4. Update your resume.

Thank you for your consideration.

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