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    • Farhana Chaudhry, Bergen ASCS - Elementary

      This school is an amazing place. All my girls go to this school. The staff at this school are very friendly.
    • Lauris Montgomery, Paterson ASCS - Elementary

      Last school year was the first school year that my kids attended at Paterson Arts & Science Charter School, and i couldn't be more thrill about the school and the faculty. Although i have to make a few sacrifices to ensure my kids were driven to Paterson from Passaic everyday, it was absolutely worth it! I can not say enough about this school, and about the wonderful teachers who work so hard to make sure every kid excel academically. My daughters not only love going to school, but they have excel academically so much that they were in honor roll. My 2nd grater loved Miss Bender! Her dedication and effort toward my daughter resonated with her high reading level. My 6th grader used to dislike math so much that in public school she was behind.But now, with the awesome help and dedication of Miss Lereah, my daughter not only loves math, but she wants to be a math teacher because she wants to help other kids just like Miss Lereah did. This school indeed changed my children's academic goals and dreams! Thanks
    • Lynda Gallashaw, Paterson ASCS - Elementary

      I would like to just commend the staff and district administrators on the fine work that is being done at the Paterson Arts and Science Charter School. The dedication of the teachers along with the sincere watchful eye of the school's security deserves to be praised. I have acted as a mediator for many parents and their children, but never have I experienced such a strong desire by the administration to put the needs of the children first.  Some of your teachers understand that sometimes it is necessary to be that parent also for the children they care for. Keep up the good work and continue to be that model that we need for the Paterson school system. "Charter Schools Rock"
    • Ruby Eksoz, Bergen ASCS - Elementary

      I love the school first because my son love it, he wants to be there all day. The staff is very friendly, organized and offer good security to the students. I like the  differences activities that you organized to maintenance the contact and good relations between parents, staff, students and others. Thank you.
    • Michelle, Paterson ASCS - Elementary

      I transferred my boys from public school to Paterson Arts & Science Charter school and I can't be more sure & happy of the decision I made. My boys are learning a lot but not only are they learning they actually enjoy going to school. I am very pleased with the school & teachers. The teachers actually care about their education they want them to succeed. We need more schools like this!!!
    • Carmen Ramirez, Paterson ASCS - Elementary

      For me is a wonderful school I love it my daughter too.
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    • Anthony Gasowski, Bergen ASCS - Middle School

      My son Anthony Gasowski is student 4B class. I can not open his database. Please fix, check and inform me about new password. I don't have information about progress my son.
      Thank you.

      Anna Gasowska
      Anthony's mother
    • Deborah Jasper, NJASCS Math Contest

      The following testimonials are from the students of Woodrow Wilson Middle School, Edison, NJ (for the 2014 Princeton Math Contest):
      In this event, there are multiple mathematical rounds that test our skills with fun activities such as peanut counting and i-pad games. This experience is unforgettable, and i am definitely looking forward to this event again.
      I was amazed by all the structures and art surrounding the walls of Princeton. The problems in the test were truly challenging. The food was great, and the show of the mathemagician was the best part. He showed that anything was possible in math.
      "PCM (Princeton Math Competition) was a great experience. First of all, the problems and the event itself were great and fun. Second, if anybody walked away from this event saying they didn't learn anything, I'd be very surprised. New knowledge was ever present. Third, if I am given the chance to return next year, I certainly will, and with much gusto. PCM is a great opportunity to learn and have fun.
      I am a sixth grader from Woodrow Wilson Middle School. I recently attended the Priceton Math Competition. Overall, it was a great experience. There were great math problems with alot of time to finish them. During lunch, great food was provided. Then, during the Great Final, there was alot of suspicion. Finally, the award ceremony was fun to watch to see all those middle schoolers receiving prizes. I, myself, received a kindle. In conclusion, the Princeton Competition is a wonderful experience you will treasure for the next few years of your life.
      In this contest, there are many different types of problems as well as many fun activities like iPad games and guessing the number of peanuts in a giant container. You will always remember this experience and i surely will return for next year's competition!
      I really enjoyed solving the team problems. I found them to be very creative, challenging and fun. They were able to test my ability to solve world problems, as it did with everyone else. I also enjoyed the show afterwards and was really able to learn what math truly is. The contest also showed me how competitive other students are and how tough life would really be.
      I had a great time participating in the Math Competition at Princeton University. The questions are fun and challenging, and the food is great too. There was also a mathemagician show where the mathemagician was able to calculate dates, magic squares, and huge numbers quickly! The prizes were great both in the quality and quantity. I even got to win a Kindle Fire HD! Overall, the expierience was wonderful.
      The Princeton Competition was very fun and the prizes were awesome. All of the group activities were very exciting and unique. I had the best time there.
    • Kamuran Soydam, Science Department | Passaic ASCS - Middle

      I am so proud of all that the school is accomplishing through this incredible endeavor. It is by far, the biggest and most exciting  science fair project I have ever seen. And also aside from the healing, I experienced during our session, I learned so much from you sharing your wisdom with me. You have so much precious knowledge to share. Your healing methods are so effective they connect with so many basics truths that are sadly being forgotten. Furthermore I learned that experience is the best teacher. Thanks so much for helping me and sharing your knowledge.
    • Alban Biba, Science Department | Passaic ASCS - Middle

      I would like to show my appreciation for being part of a winning team here at NJASCS. I currently am employed at Passaic Middle school located in Passaic, NJ. I am delighted to be part of the Passaic Science team. This year has been all success from the start. In the beginning of the year I started supporting the Science Department by coaching the Robotics and Science Olympiads teams and currently am the 5th grade Science teacher.  This year’s Science Fair was a great turn out. Students this year had creative, innovative ideas that surprised many of the new judges. Students this year worked on Science Fair posters, Science Demos (hands on and videos) Every day I am delighted by the students engagement and excitement for Science Education. This  program can only get better as we grow and expand together!
    • Edin Bilali, Science Teacher | Bergen-ASCS Middle

      Our students are inspiring! Their projects and demonstrations are engaging and complex, and there is no doubt that these young people will become the leaders and innovators that we need.
    • Patrick Renehan, Social Studies Teacher | Bergen-ASCS Middle

      Kids are respectful and cooperative to one another. Parents are supportive. I love coming to class and seeing them enthusiastic for learning.
    • Marjorie Marenco, Curriculum Supervisor | Bergen-ASCS Middle

      I am excited to be back at BASCS in Garfield and look forward to a productive and successful school year.
    • Alison Letz, Special Education Teacher | Bergen-ASCS Elementary

      Administration is great, supportive and amazing. Everything from the school curriculum to every day functions is wonderful. Teachers are very supportive, open and friendly. Communication is great.
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    • Maimuna Chaudhry, Bergen ASCS - Middle School

      BASCS is an amazing school. I been here since Kindergarten and currently in 4th Grade. So far my experience at this school has been amazing from day 1. The student and teachers are very friendly. This school feels like a second home to me!!
    • Angelikah | Bergen ASCS - Middle

      This is my first year here and I was a little scared, but now I LOVE it here! The teachers are nice, there's security and cameras. And learning here is fun! I thought that this school was going to be scary, but after my first week. I knew where I was going to learn at... BASCS!!
    • Neval, 5th Grade | Bergen-ASCS Middle

      Everything is taught at a level where everyone can understand it. No one is afraid to ask questions.
    • Christian, 5th Grade | Bergen-ASCS Middle

      When I first started school here, it was an amazing experience from Day 1. Teachers are awesome and I feel welcome to be part of this school.
    • Zion, 7th Grade | Bergen-ASCS Middle

      The students and teachers welcomed me to my new school year and I felt like I belong. My classes are great, especially computers because it is very hands on and involves technology, which I love.
    • Ashish, 6th Grade | Bergen-ASCS Middle

      I came here in 3rd grade and was hesitant to leave my old school but now I don’t look back. I love it!! Now I am in 6th grade and I’ve learned new things and made great friends.
    • 7th Grade Student | Bergen-ASCS Middle

      The teacher explains the content that I am learning so I can easily understand better. I have been here since the school started in the first year; I love how it has grown.
    • Jehu, 5th Grade | Paterson-ASCS Elementary

      I am excited in not in the Public School but in the Charter School. I am ready to learn new things and participate in programs that I didn’t have in school before like Science Olympiad and afterschool clubs
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    Robert Menendez Statement of Support For The Guard & Reserve NJASCS 1st Graduating Senior Class Certificate
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    • Visit to Councilman Gary Schaer’s office

      Gary Schaer - Councilman April 30, 2015
      Passaic ASCS
      Last week, NJASCS CEO Mr. Guvercin, Mrs. Fragozo, Mr. Sevinc, parent and student from the Passaic-ASCS attended a small meeting at Councilman Gary Schaer’s office.
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    • Manners, Modeling and Makeup Workshop at PASCS

      Alba Biba, Master Hairstylist for CNBC Television;
      Shari Hilton,
      Model and Motivational Speaker;
      Nercy Ruiz, Celebrity Cosmetologist
      April 27, 2015
      Passaic Middle ASCS
      Did a marvelous job teaching our students how to cope with the awkward pre-teen years by providing workshop-style coaching on
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    • Mayor Blanco visits PASCS Elementary

      Dr. Alex Blanco March 12, 2015
      Passaic Elementary ASCS
      On Wednesday morning, Dr. Alex Blanco came to visit some of our students and read a story to them. We appreciate the time that he came out to do this for our Kindergarten class.
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    • Holocaust survivor visits PASCS

      Mrs. Sally Frishberg March 9, 2015
      Paterson Elementary ASCS
      Paterson-ASCS was pleased to welcome Mrs. Sally Frishberg to our school. Mrs. Frishberg is a Polish Holocaust survivor who shared her incredible story with our 5th and 6th grade students.
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    • Bergen County Executive visits BASCS Elementary

      Jim Tedesco March 6, 2015
      Bergen Elementary ASCS
      BASCS Elementary was honored to have Bergen County Executive Jim Tedesco visit their school to read to the K-3 students for Read Across America week.
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    2013 - 2014

    • Assemblyman Tim Eustace

      Tim Eustace - Assemblyman, District 38 April 15, 2014
      Bergen-ASCS High
      On April 15, 2014 Bergen-ASCS High School held a breakfast with Assemblyman Tim Eustace (he represents District 38). He was able to go on a school tour and speak to a class as well. Read More
    • NYC Charter School Visit

      NYC Charter School Visit  March 26, 2014
      Bergen-ASCS Middle | Bergen-ASCS High
      NJASCS is currently in the application process for a proposed school in the Bronx. Bronx Arts and Science Charter School, if approved by New York will open for the 2015-2016 academic school year. Recently, NJASCS had the pleasure of having David Frank from the New York City Charter School Center office visit our BASCS High School and BASCS Middle School. Read More
    • Lori A. Payne

      Lori Payne - Prof. and Director of Programs at Berkeley College  March 25, 2014
      Paterson ASCS
      Mrs. Lori A. Payne was the featured guest reader for the Shining Stars on Thursday, March 20th. The first graders sat attentively at she read from  The Hello Goodbye Window and other titles. Mrs. Payne is a Professor and Director of Programs at Berkeley College. Mrs. Payne is the mother of Talitha (1st grade) and Natalie (4th grade) Payne. Read More
    • Victor Cruz

      Victor Cruz - NY Giants Football Player  March 24, 2014
      Paterson ASCS
      Paterson-ASCS's students had a very special visitor join them. New York Giants Super Bowl Champion Victor Cruz came for a surprise visit with Assemblyman Mr. Benjie Wimberly. The Paterson native addressed the students on the importance of education and also encouraged students to strive for excellence. Read More
    • Dr. Akil Khalfani

      Dr. Akil Khalfani - TV host and Director of the Africana Institute  March 21, 2014
      Passaic ASCS - Middle
      On Friday, March 21, 2014 Passaic-ASCS Middle celebrated African American History with motivational speaker, author, TV host, and Director of the Africana Institute at Essex County College, Dr.Akil Khalfani. Read More
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    2012 - 2013

    • Officer Elena Galindo

    • Sheriff Richard Berdnik

    • Amy Ruck

    • Assemblywoman Valerie Huttle

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    2011 - 2012

    • Scott Garrett

    • Nellie Pou

    • Terrance Love, Hector Lora

    • Master Sgt. Mercado

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    2010 - 2011

    • Steve Rothman, Donald Payne

    • Carlos Lejnieks

    • John Molinelli

    • Gerald Cardinale

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    2009 - 2010

    • Leo McGuire

    • Dennis McNerney

    • Steve Rothman

    • Frank Scandale

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