September 2013

Dear parents,

Welcome to the Bergen, Passaic and Paterson Charter School system where you and your child have the opportunity to experience education at a high level of success. This success is centered on YOUR child! While our education and administrative staff are dedicated to teaching and mentoring your child, the Security staff is charged with ensuring we provide a safe and secure educational environment.

Upon coming on as your Director of Safety and Security, we have been able to recruit a staff of recently retired law enforcement professionals and military veterans who are dedicated to the vision and mission of our schools on behalf of your child. With my 30+ years of experience as a member of the Military Police in the US Army and as a police officer and as Sheriff of Bergen County with national exposure, I continue to seek out best practices and the best methods of providing a protective school environment. Our security staff possess more than 400 years of combined law enforcement and professional experience!

I am proud to serve you and your child in ensuring your safety but I ask your assistance. Success is a team sport that requires our complete collaboration. Thus I ask that you not only introduce yourself to our security officer (the ones in the yellow shirts!) but be sure to park legally at drop off/pickup and most importantly- BE PATIENT!

School has just begun and we will continue to modify our procedures to make operations more efficient and even safer. But I ask your patience and your assistance. Please consider being an active member of your school’s PTO, where we will have a great working relationship to share information and ensure we continue to excel. One of the major modifications we have made is in our response to potential Active Shooter scenarios. We have learned much over the years and our staff has been personally trained by me to have more options available to them in the remote possibility of an incident. We have several layers of security to mitigate any security issues in our schools- we are on the job and vigilant in keeping our schools safe!

I thank you in advance for your cooperation; now let’s get to work providing a safe and secure educational environment for your child!

Leo P. McGuire MBA
Dir. Of Safety and Security
Sheriff (Ret.)