Teacher/Adm. Eval.

Teacher/Adm. Eval.

NJASCS Educator Evaluation System

It is the view of the New Jersey Department of Education (NJDOE) that teachers and school leaders have the greatest influence on student learning. Since 2010, NJDOE has been working to improve educator evaluation and support. These efforts have resulted in 2012 TEACHNJ Act which mandates requirements for the new statewide educator evaluation system and links tenure decisions to evaluation ratings.

Under the current law, there is no statutory requirement that an equivalent educator evaluation system as defined in 2012 TEACHNJ Act be established for charter schools. However, an effective educator evaluation system in charter schools is required and subject to the review and approval of the Office of Charter Schools.

North Jersey Arts and Science Charter Schools (NJASCS) has taken a progressive look at educator evaluation systems and through the intense efforts of the district’s teacher/administrator evaluation committee, a high quality, rigorous educator evaluation system was research and implemented prior to the NJDOE cutoff date of June 30, 2013.

The NJDOE and The Office of Charter Schools (OCS) recommends that the charter schools’ teacher evaluation system include the following components:

  • Multiple measures of performance to evaluate teachers including student achievement and teacher practice.
  • A method for calculating an overall (summative) evaluation rating that combines the multiple measures of teacher practice and student achievement.
  • Sample of the teacher practice instrument to be used in classroom observations.
  • Clear delineation of differences in the teacher evaluation system between tenured and non-tenured teachers including number of observations the charter school will require for tenured and non-tenured teachers.

Based upon research and established education evaluation practices, the NJASCS teacher/administrator evaluation committee developed an in-house teacher evaluation model entitled the “North Jersey Arts and Science Teacher Evaluation System”. This model is in compliance with NJDOE and OCS recommendations and also includes the use of the “dual observer” model for teacher evaluation and a support system for providing assistance when needed.

NJASCS has adopted “The Stronge Leader Effectiveness Performance Evaluation System (LEPES) as the tool for administrative evaluations. The LEPES includes the following distinguishing characteristics:

  • Benchmark behaviors for each of the administrator performance standards;
  • A focus on the relationship between administrative performance and improved student learning;
  • The use of multiple data sources for documenting performance, including opportunities for the administrator to present evidence of their own performance as well as student growth;
  • A procedure for conducting performance reviews that stress accountability, promotes professional improvement and increase administrative involvement in the evaluation process;
  • A support system for providing assistance when needed.
  It is the intent and direction of the North Jersey Arts and Science Charter Schools to provide a teacher and administrative evaluation system that is based on well-defined job expectations, uniform performance standards, flexibility and encouraging creativity and individual teacher and administrator initiative. Improving teacher and administrator performance simultaneously ensures that NJASCS is taking a comprehensive approach to raise student achievement.

Teachscape Reflect Rutgers SSI Project
Observation and Evaluation Management System School System Improvement (SSI) Project
NJASCS uses Teachscape Reflect tool to evaluate our teachers’ performance. Teachscape Reflect is customized to fit our district’s own uses and processes. www.teachscape.com/products/reflect NJASCS is partnering with Rutgers and the US Department of Education (SSI/Rutgers Fund) for the SSI Project. The goal of SSI project is to increase number of effective teachers and effective principals and increase student growth in achievement. www.ssiproject.rutgers.edu
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